Things To Do


Things To Do!

  1. Get your beach pass! Beach passes are required at Lucy Vincent Beach and Squibnocket. Menemsha Beach is perfect for swimming, and for little kids, and is free.
  2. Lobster Picnic at sunset on Menemsha Beach. Order your lobsters earlier in the day at Larsen’s Fish Market.
  3. Get on the water. Book a kayak, a paddleboard, or other light craft and spend time on peaceful Menemsha Pond. Boat rentals are available through
  4. Fine dining available at Chilmark Tavern. It’s noisy and pricey, but it’s a really classy bistro right near the Chilmark General Store and the Chilmark Post Office. We are a dry town. That’s right — you read correctly.  Chilmark restaurants are BYOB.
  5. Take a hike! The Vineyard is blessed with hiking trails. There are two of the finest right outside the door. Download the TrailsMV app to locate miles of conservation properties.
  6. Enjoy the spa pool. It’s 4’ deep, so refrain from diving! And it is heated.
  7. Farmers Market and Artisans Market. Enjoy the West Tisbury Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the Island’s freshest food or the Vineyard Artisans Festivals on Sunday and Thursdays for locally made gifts and souvenirs. Both take place at The Grange in West Tisbury.
  8. Visit the Aquinnah Cliffs. They are a unique natural phenomenon and a National Historic Landmark. An absolute must see and one of the most spectacular sights on Martha’s Vineyard. Try to walk the beach around the tip of the island, under these spectacularly colored clay cliffs.
  9. Go Fish! There are charter fishing boats at the end of the dock in Menemsha. Or if you are a little person, get some tackle at the gas station and fish off the dock.
  10. Hang out on Squid Row. It has a name, but it is totally unofficial. Hang with locals, watch what goes on at the busy dock. Strike up a conversation with an Islander and get some insider information on what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard.